New Triplex Community in Chisago City

2 Bed & 1 Bed Units for Rent

Located on the Wallmark Lake Wetlands for Relaxing and Private Backyard Views.

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About this Project

  • Save $1,000’s, Share Expenses
  • Keep Family Together
  • Stay Safe – Keep Elders Close
  • Easy Family Child Care
  • Convenient One Level Living
  • Near Trails, Parks & Shopping
  • Private Nature View Lots

Keep the Family Under One Roof

Make room for mom, dad, grandma and grandpa or your young adult children, house up to three generations of your family. Increase the quality of you and your family’s lives; stay near your loved ones during pandemics, keep your family together, help each other out around the house, the benefits of multigenerational housing are numerous.

Learn how you can start saving thousands of dollars a year by splitting the mortgage cost, have access to in-home childcare or elderly care or enjoy a home office environment separate from the main home.

75 Million+ Americans live in a multigenerational household increasing their quality of life, relationships and saving thousands of dollars.